At Rilastil, being Responsible means being committed to reduce our impact on the planet and being aware that every product of innovation - from packaging to formulas - can make a difference.

We do not see Responsibility as a milestone to show off, but more as a path to embark on together, with honesty and consistency, every single day.


To improve the impact of our packaging we select:

FSC™-CERTIFIED PAPER coming from forests that are managed in a socially equitable, environmentally safe, and economically sound manner
ALUMINUM:material that guarantees the formula integrity and prevents the risk of releasing microplastics into the environment (if not properly disposed of after use)
PE of VEGETABLE ORIGIN (Green PE), obtained through a process that reduces its carbon footprint compared to the normal petrochemical procedure
RECYCLED PET (R-PET) which significantly reduces the carbon footprint compared to virgin resin
We invite you to read the instructions on the product packaging to adopt proper disposal procedures, always in compliance with your current local legislation.

We strive to find innovative solutions also for our formulas, which are designed to respect for the environment and to minimize risk of alteration of the marine ecosystem:

free from WATER-SOLUBLE (FILTERS (Phenylbenzimidazole Sulfonic Acid)

free from EDTA: chelating agents which are slowly biodegradable and difficult to dispose of (Tetrasodium EDTA)

we limit as much as possible the use of SILICONES (Cyclopentasiloxane)

we never use AGGRESSIVE SURFACTANTS SLES and SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate)


Responsibility also means integrity and honesty towards those who put their trust in us: doctors, pharmacists, distributors, consumers.

Sustainability consciousness is growing across the whole supply chain and sometimes, due to the large global demand for plant-derived raw material (Green PE) and FSC-certificated paper not all our new packaging can be produced using these materials.

However, we will continue to strive to OPT FOR GREEN PE, FSC-CERTIFIED PAPER AND RECYCLED MATERIALS; we strongly believe that, if we all do our part, we will have a better world..

More details on our commitment are featured in full transparency on our packaging and website.